Two Vibrators and Free Shipping


You get 2 products for this price…and Free Shipping.  This mini-vibrator attaches to your index finger and is gently applied to your penis while urinating to relax the Urethral Sphincter Muscle. You should experience an increased urine flow, a emptier bladder and a better nights sleep. It will be shipped in a nondescript package and we ship within 24 hours of the order.  Included in the shipping package will be instructions.

Simply prepare to urinate, turn on the vibrator, insert your finger into the sleeve, gently press the vibrator head against your penis while urinating.  The vibrator simply becomes an extension of your finger.  You should find that urination will be more relaxed and the urine flow stronger and longer thereby more thoroughly emptying your bladder.  With practice you will be able to locate the best personal relaxation spot.